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Let’s Work Together:

From our humble entrepreneurial beginnings as a start-up, to becoming a reputable provider of contract services, we have maintained one constant: At RLA we strive to employ the best of the best, because our people have always been our competitive advantage. 

RLA is committed to recruit, retain, and promote individuals with compassion, character, confidence, and commitment – like you.  Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and have wide-ranging skills. However, we all share the same core values and focus.  I am proud you have made the choice to join our organization, and look forward to your energy,  enthusiasm, and contributions to our continued success.

At RLA, our employees are encouraged to look beyond the usual and challenge notions of what is possible.  We believe that teams are more powerful than individuals, so we incite and expect our teams to explore, to create, and to achieve more.  On top of all of this, we always focus on having fun in what we do.

We firmly believe that through taking care of our employees, we are taking care of the health of our business.  You can be confident that we are determined to give you the necessary life resources so you can focus your energies on our business and customer needs.  Those resources include a comprehensive employee benefits portfolio consisting of flexible healthcare options, time-off programs, a retirement savings plan, and more.

At RLA, we expect that each one of us will push and pull our organization to be exceptional.  The foundation of greatness, however, is understanding what we’re about – and it starts with our Employee Handbook.

So here’s to your success, to the success of our business, and to the success of us working together to make RLA great.

Ray Burney Jr., President