Our Clients

Service Examples

HP (Vancouver, WA and Corvallis, OR and Houston, TX)

  • RLA provides individual contributors, technical leads and PMs across multiple engineering disciplines.
  • RLA manages 3D printing characterization test labs for certain sites.

Shell Oil (Anacortes, WA)

  • RLA warehouse team manages all incoming and outgoing materials at the site.

Sanremo Coffee Machines (Treviso, Italy)

  • RLA provides the R&D resources to design and qualify for production the FW, SW applications and electro-mechanical sub-systems that all integrate into a technology platform that drives a cutting-edge portfolio of espresso machines.

Multi-Industry Portfolio Experience

Consumer Electronics                                                               Semiconductors

Hewlett Packard • Logitech • Microsoft • Nike                         Intel

Oil and Gas                                                                              Medical

Shell Oil                                                                                    A-DEC

Manufacturing                                                                        Aerospace

GrovTec US • PECO • Precision Equipment                             Cobham

Technology                                                                            Logistics Services

Deep Photonics • EZ Wireless • Elyon International              Amazon

Oxford International

Specialty Equipment

Sanremo Coffee Machines