Employee Testimonials

RLA Engineering takes pride in fostering relationships with our clients and employees. We provide exceptional service to each of our clients, creating long term business relationships. Our employees are treated as a partnership. We offer competitive compensation and benefits packages and constantly strive to improve and grow our company culture. Below are testimonials from current and former employees and clients.

“I’ve had a lot of good experiences with RLA. Most importantly, working for RLA felt like a partnership rather than the typical employer-employee relationship. This is exactly the kind of relationship I was looking for as a contractor. Indeed, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to become a contractor without the positive experiences I’ve had with RLA from the very first phone call.”
– North, Former Employee

“First of all I’d like to say thank you to Ray Burney for his efforts to continually improve the work environment for the employees. This includes (but is not limited to):

• Looking for better, more affordable health, dental, and vision insurance annually
• Offering insurance deductible reimbursement during years where the medical insurance deductible was “higher than Ray liked”
• Looking for ways to insure that employees are paid for holidays and in some instances even through furloughs
• Implementing new programs such as a 401K plan with matching to help with employee retirement plans (while offering non-matching 401K plans all previous years
• And in general, demonstrating care and concern for the well-being of all of the employees at RLA Engineering

I have enjoyed working with all of the office employees such as Mike Loveridge who instantly made me feel welcome and a part of the team, Jaquelyn and Sandra who were always available when I had a benefits or general RLA question, and Karen when I had a timecard or payroll question.

I also enjoyed working with all of the other RLA professionals on the HP site. They are a great group of individuals with amazing skills and talents and are instrumental in getting all of the challenging engineering work completed.

So, thank you RLA for a great 3 years and for continually evolving your company to make it a better place for everyone. Maybe our paths will cross again in the future (and if they do, I would be proud to return as a member of the RLA team).”
– Kurt, Former Employee

“RLA is an amazing and unique place to work. Most contract companies I worked with collected a high portion of money from my paycheck with zero support and benefits. However, RLA does the opposite of what others do. They actually care about their employees. I received health insurance, salaried pay, 4% 401k match, monthly face to face meetings to discuss my career goals, and they even remembered my birthday! This is an absolutely great company to work for and it is the best outsourcing company in the world.”
– Aujin, Former Employee

“If I had the opportunity to speak to a future RLA employee I would highly recommend the company without hesitation. The staff’s attention to detail, organization, and transparency makes for a high quality employee experience. I’ve been very impressed with Ray Burney’s high ethical standards and his philosophy of proactively working on behalf of employees’ interests. Many thanks for a great work experience!” – Hilary, Former Employee

“Although my tenner at RLA has ended, I just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff for making my time with RLA so positive and enjoyable. I have never worked for a recruiting company that has been so accommodating and genuinely care about their employees. My experience with recruiting companies has been, getting thrown over to the client and you never hear from them again until your time is up. RLA doesn’t operate like that. I felt like part of the RLA family. I enjoyed the RLA meetings, the RLA Blog that kept me updated on everything I needed to know about the company and benefits, the RLA volunteer activities at local charities and of course bonuses and Christmas parties. I want to especially thank Sandra and Gene. Sandra has been awesome, very informative and always stepped up to help me with whatever I needed and Gene has been my rock getting me through this transition in my live. They’re both wonderful folks, you’re lucky to have them on your staff.
RLA you rock!!” – Diane, Former Employee

“I really enjoyed working for RLA Engineering. Ray and his staff are all very professional and treat each employee as a valuable asset to the company. Ray believes in providing the best benefits he can afford. And he is always looking for ways to improve the benefits. It is the type of company you would hope to be able to work for as a contract engineering employee.” – Joe, Former Employee

“RLA stepped in and stepped up to get me back into the high-tech industry after I had been away for a year and a half. Ray has worked hard to ensure that RLA is a family as well as a team. “Friendly, supportive and professional” are key components of the company’s success.
Thanks everyone!” – Karen, Former Employee